Eco design / Description


Eco-design aims to improve the environmental performance of products throughout the life-cycle by systematic integration of environmental aspects at a very early stage in the product design.
The research group ECODESIGN is active in the following areas:
- Co-operation in international and domestic research and other projects.
- Eco-design of products.
- Life cycle Analysis.
- Modelling and optimisation of processes.
- Process design and retrofitting.
- Sustainable energy systems.
- Optimisation of building heating with Bauphys software. 
- Demostration projects.
- Training of experts within companies on how to do eco-design.
- Consulting on eco-redesign of existing products or eco-design of new product.

Figure 1 presents the product life cycle.

Figure 1: Product Life Cycle.

Benefits of the improved product life cycle:
- Decreased raw materials and energy consumption.
- Improved material recycling.
- Improved product disassemling.
- Reuse of the materials and/or parts of the product.
- Decrease in the use of packaging materials.
- Improved production and process efficiency.
- Decreased production, distribution and disposal costs.
- Decreased impact on the environment.
- Improved market position.
- Improved public image.