Textile industry
Waste minimisation and rational consumption of steam and water in textile wet processing
Minimisation of the use of energy and water in a tread production plant
Possibilities of rational steam consumption and condensate reuse

Animal production plant
Energy audit of the steam and condensate system

Food industry
Condensate recovery and reuse from the meat processing plant
Rerofitting of the steam and condensate system of the chicken rendering plant
Design of the filtration process of the chicken fat

Styrian Technology Park:
The possibility of rational energy use, cleaner production activities and waste water cleaning in the Slovenian industry.
Balance of the steam system and the heating system in the Styrian Technology Park.

TSO, Tovarna sladkorja Ormož:
Energy auditing and process modelling of the sugar production plant

Droga Portorož, PC Gosad Središ?e ob Dravi:
Energy audit of the food canning production plant

Hrvatski centar za ?istiju proizvodnju:
Introduction of Best Available Techniques into the sugar production plant TSO Osijek

Nafta Petrochem d.o.o., Lendava:
Programme for introducing BATs in the methanol, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin production plants
Collaboration in EU LIFE – Environment project: Introducing the EMAS II Standard to the local government in new EU members.
Regional Centre for Cleaner Production, RAC/CP Barcelona:


Imgrad Ljutomer: Production management of boat production (www.imgrad-ljutomer.si)
Seaway group: Consulting on mould and boats production for Bawaria yahts, (http://www.bavaria-yachtbau.com/) and SKAGEN 50 (lwww.seaway.si or www.skagen50.dk



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- Mediteranean Action Plan 
- Regional Activity Center for Cleaner Production (RAC/CP)
- Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering